♕ Mercedes Nieto workshops in Banja Luka ♕

Banja Luka - Бања Лука - ♕ Mercedes Nieto workshops in Banja Luka ♕

Banja Luka - Бања Лука
Petak 9.11.2018
Iz 21:00
Nedjelja 11.11.2018
sve do 0:00
Banja Luka - Бања Лука
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBanja Luka78 000
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Dear dancers and friends,
It is our enormous pleasure and honour to present Mercedes Nieto to you at the 10th anniversary of our wonderful dance studio.
Beside our amazing guest teacher Mercedes you will aslo get a chance to study with our dance **** Aleksandra Kala Tešanović.
Next year is very special for us on so many levels , so we will be very happy to spend it with you <3 Come to enjoy all our new and old dances, remember us at the beginning of our Path, and appreciate how much we acheved!
Be with us in this unique and mesmerising adventure :)


Mercedes Nieto WS

1. ESSENTIAL basics 3h
- technique and combinations in Mercedes' unique and innovative style, tips and ideas for creating a more profound and expressive movement vocabulary and for a more free and easy improvisation (all levels)

2. The NYMPH Project 3h
- intensive technique and creativity training for advanced and pro dancers

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3. Oriental Routine 3h
Brand new dynamic and sensual Oriental Routine with veil in Mercedes' signature style

Aleksandra Kala WS

1. Genesis 3 h
The origin or mode of formation. An act of giving form or shape to something. So let form it. You have to give it your best it doesn't matter if you have 2 or 10 dancers. So let's see what we have in our surprise box :D

Information about WS prices and package's are listed below:

The deposit (min 50% of the total value of your chosen package) should be payed till end of July. The deposit is non refundable.
You can choose to make your payment at once or from two installments. For payment details, feel free to contact us :-)

Prices for WS and package's for payment after 2nd of April :

FULL PASS: 3 ws with Mercedes Nieto & 1 ws with Kala in total 12h = 185 euro
1 workshop: 1 workshop: with M.N 55e / with Kala 40e

2 workshops: 2ws with M.N is 105e
1 M.N & 1 Kala is 95e

3 workshops: 3 ws with M.N is 160e
2 ws with M.N and 1 with Kala is 145e
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