30th European Veterinary Dermatology Congress , #euvetderm2018

Dubrovnik, Croatia - 30th European Veterinary Dermatology Congress , #euvetderm2018

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Četvrtak 27.9.2018
Iz 8:00
Subota 29.9.2018
sve do 18:00
Dubrovnik, Croatia
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This congress is sure to be a major event in the veterinary dermatology calendar. It will feature some of the world’s top specialists in subjects drawn from human and veterinary dermatology that concern us all. In addition to help veterinary clinicians deal with the complex nature of dermatological problems, the congress will also inform specialists how scientific research is evolving and offer insights into future developments.

For the second time ESVD-ECVD will introduce a three tiered lecture programme:
• Basic level for those who want a refresher on a particular topic
• Intermediate level for those practitioners with a good grounding in dermatology who want advanced knowledge of a subject
• Advanced level dealing with more specialist subjects


Conference topics include the following:

Advanced and cutting edge programmes

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• Cutaneous lupus erythematosus in humans and animals: pathogenesis, clinical signs and treatment options
• Cutaneous lymphosarcoma in humans and dogs: pathogenesis, clinical signs and treatment options
• Atopic dermatitis in humans and dogs: pathogenesis and treatment updates
• Cutaneous oncology: updates on common tumors

Practical programme
• Updates on leishmaniosis
• Treatment of canine atopic dermatitis in general practice
• Updates on feline, exotics and equine dermatology

Yearly recurring sessions
• Journal clubs
• Clinics-pathological conference
• Short communications and posters
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