We Are Singing Adriatic 2019 International Choral Festival

Opatija & Slovenia - We Are Singing Adriatic 2019 International Choral Festival

Opatija & Slovenia
Petak 12.4.2019
Iz 17:00
Ponedjeljak 15.4.2019
sve do 11:00
Opatija & Slovenia
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Non-competitive festival for all kinds of choirs with many concerts and common singing.
Individual choirs concerts in venues in and around the of Opatija, sight-seeing trips and activities for visiting choirs.

Concert performances will hold at Croatia:
Open Air and Crystal Hall (with a capacity for more than 700 guests) in Opatija, in the Church and Slovenia in Grand Concert at the Postojna Cave.

Venues in Opatija (Croatia):
Crystal Hall
This is Opatija's most celebrated, oldest and most elegant hall, the venue of the most prestigious events in town. There are impressive crystal chandeliers, richly decorated walls, fine ornaments on the façades, and large windows with a view of the hotel's fantastic terrace and the blue sea. The Crystal Hall is synonymous with elegance and finesse. It is part of the Hotel Kvarner, Opatija's first hotel, located right by the sea, in the immediate vicinity of some of the town's most famous landmarks: the church and park of St. Jacob's, and the Villa Angiolina with its park.
St. Jacob's Church was built in the early 15th century as a colony for the Benedictine monks. This abbey is the origin for Opatija's name. "Abbey" translates to "Opatija" in Croatian. However, very little has remained of its original appearance, as it was adapted in 1506, renovated at the end of the 18th century and expanded in the 1930s. A copy of the relief “Pieta” by the esteemed Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović, depicting the dying Christ with his mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, is held in the church.

Postojna cave Big Hall (Slovenia)
During the festival, choral concerts are held in the splendorous Big Hall at Postojna Cave. The big Hall is almost 40 m higt and can hold 10000 people. The echo is very strong and last 6 seconds.

Enjoy with your choir a happy and relaxed choir event at the Croatian Adriatic Coast – this festival joins holiday and song!
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