Lea Nixon Watercolour Holiday

Cavtat - Lea Nixon Watercolour Holiday

Subota 1.6.2019
Iz 7:00
Subota 8.6.2019
sve do 23:59
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“The process doesn’t have to be complicated, but what I like to do is teach the essential elements and then work with the student to develop a personal style of their own. Infact that was the way I learnt. My father was a superb #artist and I remember my first ###watercolour lessons with him. I was soon hooked on watercolour and it has been my preferred media ever since. I love the beauty of a glowing and luminous wash – it is unique to the watercolour medium.”

Slikamilina Painting Tours is the only customized #tour company that welcomes #painters at all levels to Croatia. Come experience beauty, traditional cuisine, and hospitality that sets #Croatia as a painters destination of choice for their creative and learning #holidays.
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