Hacking HR Zagreb Chapter Meetup 1

A1 Hrvatska d.o.o. (A1 Campus) - Hacking HR Zagreb Chapter Meetup 1

A1 Hrvatska d.o.o. (A1 Campus)
Četvrtak 6.6.2019
Iz 16:00 sve do 19:00
A1 Hrvatska d.o.o. (A1 Campus)
HRVrtni put 1, 10000
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"Building an Agile Culture"
Agile principles have been one of the key drivers of Silicon Valley’s ability to innovate, learn, and adapt rapidly. Agile culture makes it easier for the company to go to market with ideas more quickly than ever before, but also helps to attract and retain talent, which is one of the key areas for success in digital business. 
Agile started as a set of principles for software development to write and release code iteratively without waiting for months (or years) to release functionality. In the digital era, more and more companies of different sizes and across industries are extending this philosophy to the wider business to operate with speed and manage unpredictability.
Most large firms today are not agile. A recent Deloitte survey of more than 10,000 senior executives revealed that less than 10% of senior executives see their current organization as “highly agile today.” Yet more than 90% of those executives see “agility and collaboration” as critical to their firm’s success. This in turn reflects findings by McKinsey & Company that firms and units implementing Agile do better financially than those that don't.
HR departments and professionals have been experimenting with the introduction of agile principles, practices and ways of working in their work and within their organization and, more and more, we see HR is called upon to support an enterprise wide agile transformation.
How do we get our large organizations to adapt and move as quickly as these nimble start-ups? The answer in many cases has to do with being more agile. But creating an Agile culture does not happen overnight. Becoming a resilient organization and adapting to an Agile way of working requires a shift in mindset and culture.

16.00-16.30h Registration & Coffee
16.30-18.30h Program

Ivan Skender, Senior Director - People, Digital and Communications, A1 Hrvatska: “Agile way of working @A1” (including personal story “My Career Transition from Digital to HR”)

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Mihaela Smadilo, Head of Talent and Culture, Oradian: “From Corporate to Startup Culture - Agile is Startup's DNA”

Davor Čengija, Agile Coach, CROZ: “Understanding what it means to be Agile Organization (and how to get there)”

Panel moderated by Davor Čengija “Agile meets HR - representatives from the startup- and corporate world as well as agile consultants will share their experiences, best practices and failures of organizations transitioning to embrace agile

Mihaela Smadilo, Head of Talent and Culture, Oradian

Dijana Vetturelli, Managing Director, VETTURELLI

Luka Gauta, Sales and Consultant, CROZ

Ivana Mandušić Hrupački, Digital transformation program manager, A1 Hrvatska

Gordana Svetličić, Scrum Master, A1 Hrvatska

Ivan Ivančić, Digital Product Development Manager, Apsolon: Introducing apprais.ly- "See More. Do More." Instant employee feedback solution

18.30-19.00h Refreshments and Networking (+ optional: office tour)
Sponsor: A1 Hrvatska d.o.o.

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